Big Changes

Hello all!  Things have been busy on the cookie front- both professionally and personally!  It is bittersweet that I must announce that by this summer, I will have to relinquish the throne at the Empire.  I have been accepted to grad school (yay!) to pursue my love of working with children.  However, that means much less time for everything else in my life, including cookies (boo!).  I am happy to continue baking for you up until this summer– just let me know what you would like.  Thank you SO much for all of your support throughout this wonderful experience.  Owning a baking business was always something that interested me, and I feel fortunate that I was able to give it a test drive.  And there is still time to get your favorites- just email or send me your order!  :)

The Pilgrims are Coming!


Mini pie-lets, not so much. But transformed into bars, YES!

Are you ready to feed the masses?  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  This year in addition to my other treats, I am working on turning one of my mom’s most delish pies into bars!  A little something special and festive to add to your dessert tray.  I have worked out some of the kinks, and hopefully the winner is in the oven now.  The ingredient list can’t be beat:  Pecans.  Mini chocolate chips.  And brace yourself: Bourbon.  The combo is something wonderfully scrumptious.  Order your Thanksgiving goodies today!

New flavor added to menu!

Happy Monday morning everyone! Fall is off to a great start. I am adding a new flavor to my bar menu- cookie dough covered brownie! I have been experimenting with these and the feedback has been overwhelming with requests to sell these bad boys. A classic empire brownie, covered with a thick layer of (safe to eat!) cookie dough and then a chocolate ganache. I’ve been putting mini peanut butter cups in the cookie dough and they are delicious! The add ins to the cookie dough could be totally customizable. These would sell at my normal bar price and would require a dozen minimum to order. You will be glad you have at least 12 though!


Some housekeeping info

Happy Monday cookie lovers!

Just a few things to mention today:

First, while The Cookie Empire recently celebrated its one year anniversary, I have been married to my wonderful hubs for 10! I am out of the kitchen this week so we can do a little celebrating.  I will be back in action next week, August 12.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that the price of trays has increased.  I realized that I usually squeeze more than I anticipate onto trays (yay for you!), and combined with rising ingredient costs, I can’t fight it anymore.  A small assorted tray (serves 8-10) is now $25 and the large (serves 18-20) is $50.  Still a great deal for premium, custom cookies made fresh for you!

Thanks for all of your support!


Happy Summer!

Life has been fun and busy since the kids have been out of school- time is flying by!  I have enjoyed baking treats for lots of summer gatherings- business has kept on going!  :) I am here, baking, so give me a shout!

Appreciate Your Teacher!


For many of the schools here in Fort Mill, next week (April 22-26) is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Many of the classes in elementary school have a theme for each day of the week to honor their teacher– and one is always spoil her with her favorite treats!  Special day or not, your teacher will adore receiving a Cookie Empire goodie.  Each special treat includes your choice of cookie: 4 chocolate chip or 3 empire oreos, a cute box, ribbon, and card. I can write the note and deliver to the school. Or, if you prefer, I can deliver blank to you for your child to write and deliver. Let me take care of “teacher’s favorite treat” day!! :o) $4 for each treat delivered. Available all next week- please specify which day you would like delivered.  The teachers work incredibly hard, and I know (as a former teacher) how much it means to be thanked and appreciated!


I’m Back and Ready to Bake!

After a most fantastic family getaway for spring break, I have jumped right back into the kitchen to get baking.  With this gorgeous spring weather, I have been in the mood for Cherry Almond bars, Lemon cookies, and I am dying to get my hands on some of the fresh local berries!  As always, I would love to make yummy treats for your next gathering or event….or sweet tooth craving!  Stay tuned to my FB page for extras and upcoming new flavors!DSC_0114

Want to Stand Out from the Pack??


I have a client who sends a ‘surprise’ to one of her vendors weekly.  I deliver a small assorted tray of goodies to a predetermined vendor (she changes them weekly).  Each goodie tray includes her tag with business info and a personalized note thanking them for being a Preferred Client.  I adore the looks on their faces when I come in!   And my client reaps the benefits: increased traffic her way!  Its a win-win- win(counting me!).  Let me know if your business would like to spoil some of its best clients!